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“The World’s Best Trainer.”

“ A Brillant teacher of the idea that ‘working out is not just a temporary fix to lose weight-it’s a way of life.’”

“Because Marco’s philosophy of a healthy lifestyle is comprehensive and encompasses elements of nutrition, physiology, and psychology, people who apply his principals to their own lives often feel dramatically better about themselves”

Jason Youngman,
PH.D., Sport Psychologist, and Ironman Athlete

“22 days bars are the perfect post-training food to replenish after a hard session of freediving. The PB Choc chip Nirvana is a healthy treat for when I've worked extra hard!”

-William Trubridge, Current Double World Record Holding Freediver (


“I adore 22 days nutrition bars and so does everyone that I share them with! They make a delicious healthy and Earth-friendly on the go snack or dessert and are great post yoga or freediving fuel. I love the entire concept behind the name as well -it takes 21 days to make or break a habit- and on day 22, whatever you've been doing is now a part of you. This reminds me that it's one step at a time, with all things, and if we can keep putting one foot in front of the other, wellness can ultimately become the foundation of our life.”

-Brittany Trubridge, Creator of B-Tru Yoga and the Caribbean Yoga Retreats (


“I've been a whole foods, plant-based eater for over seven years now, and a practicing clinical nutritionist for five. In that time I've come across few companies with as much integrity, passion, and dedication to quality as 22 Days Nutrition. The products feature carefully sourced, top notch ingredients, and beyond their obvious nutritional value they're also delicious. Moreover, I've been deeply impressed with the 22 Days philosophy and mission: to help people live better and feel better.
As a nutritionist, I've witnessed firsthand how difficult it can be for people to make longstanding changes. But in sharing easy-to-incorporate, high quality, convenient foods, 22 Days is helping to lead a plant-based health revolution.”

-Gena Hamshaw, Certified Clinical Nutritionist and author of the blog Choosing Raw


“I'm a big fan of 22 Days Nutrition products as they deliver quality plant-based nutrients, deliciously.” Ashley Koff, RD

Ashley Koff, R.D
Celebrity Dietitian, Author, Health and Lifestyle Contributor.


“As a plastic surgeon, I have had the distinct opportunity to affect the lives of countless numbers of patients over the years. Although the results of cosmetic body contouring procedures such as liposuction or abdominoplasty can be quite dramatic initially, I've come to realize that , in the long run,changing lifestyles can be more important than changing lives. With this in mind, I have integrated a plant-based dietary plan into my preo-perative and post-operative recommendations for my patients. They look better and feel better, all the while knowing that their overall health is improving. Patients are able to maintain the aesthetic changes they achieve with surgery and thus get better longterm value for their "surgical investment . ". 22 Days offers a lifestyle change. Not all of my patients become totally vegan, just as not all of them remain totally smoke-free as I recommend, but small changes in otherwise unhealthy lifestyles are very beneficial.These small changes , whether in our diets or our bodies, can be very powerful.”

James D Stern M.D. F.A.C.S
Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
(954) 987-8100