* This person experienced the stated results by participating in the 22 Days Meal Plan, drinking plenty of liquids and exercising regularly. His or her experience does not necessarily indicate that you will experience similar results. Experiences differ based on starting weight, body type, adherence to the plan, and other dieting and exercise.

Went Vegan for 22 Days!

If a Houston born foodie like me can do it, anybody can."* -Beyonce


As a psychologist, I love the core concept behind 22 Days Nutrition, as it empowers people to create new, healthful habits that ultimately lead to optimum wellness. Plus, their plant-based products are delicious! *

Sesame Cabbage Lentil Bowl

Dr. Jason Youngman

Licensed Clinical & Sport Psychologist

"I'm a big fan of 22 Days Nutrition products as they deliver quality plant-based nutrients, deliciously." *

Sesame Cabbage Lentil Bowl

Ashley Koff, R.D

Celebrity Dietitian, Author, Health and Lifestyle Contributor.
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I adore 22 days nutrition bars and so does everyone that I share them with! They make a delicious healthy and Earth-friendly on the go snack or dessert and are great post yoga or freediving fuel. *

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Brittany Trubridge

Creator of B-Tru Yoga and the Caribbean Yoga Retreats

"“22 Days offers a lifestyle change. Small changes in otherwise unhealthy lifestyles are very beneficial.These small changes, whether in our diets or our bodies, can be very powerful.” *

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James D Stern M.D. F.A.C.S

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
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“As a nutritionist, I've witnessed firsthand how difficult it can be for people to make longstanding changes. But in sharing easy-to-incorporate, high quality, convenient foods, 22 Days is helping to lead a plant-based health revolution." *

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Gena Hamshaw

Certified Clinical Nutritionist and author of the blog Choosing Raw

"“22Days = clean, organic, healthy, inspiring, empowering, a lifestyle of healthy eating and healthy living.The brand is all about empowering people to live healthy, active lifestyles while fueling yourself with good, wholesome ingredients.” *

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Natalie Kirchhoff

USA Pro Triathlete

"22 days bars are the perfect post-training food to replenish after a hard session of freediving.  The PB Choc chip Nirvana is a healthy treat for when I've worked extra hard!" *

William Trubridge

Current Double World Record Holding Freediver


“I have my health back and feel better than ever. I used to think that being overweight was my destiny and that I was the last person who could ever go plant-based, but with 22 DAYS I found the way!” *-Raymond Garcia

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“This program has not only changed my life but my family's as well! My energy and health has improved and I'm more motivated than I've ever been! ” *

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Selene Segala

Licensed Clinical & Sport Psychologist

"What can I say, I am hooked on “22 Days of Nutrition.” It is delicious, nutritious, convenient, and perfect for my active lifestyle. Not only is there a great menu selection and home delivery, but the positive changes to my health have been incredible. After a month, I feel the best I have ever felt. I am more energetic and lighter on my feet. My skin and hair are glowing. My family has sampled some of the options and we all agree that the meals are a true taste sensation." *

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Karen Profumo

Certified Clinical Nutritionist and author of the blog Choosing Raw
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Day 1 of 22 of my meal delivery plan! As a regular plant based eater I am thrilled to have the convenience of meals being delivered. This helps me make sure that not only am I eating plant based diet, but that I am not eating processed junk simply because it doesn't have dairy or meat. I ordered 3 meals a day for 22 days. I am glad I did that so I don't have the temptation of eating crap for breakfast! Day one breakfast - Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal- lots of fruit and very tasty! *

Holly Wilson


The food is great! It's taken me a while to get used to so many beans and lentils, but everything has a great flavor and a great combination of vegetables and herbs. I love the breakfasts and I never really ate breakfast before, so that's been good. I've lost about 12 pounds and I'm feeling good, so I'm really happy with everything so far! *

Mike Carlberg

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I really enjoy the fact that I am not locked into a membership and that I can order whatever and whenever I please.  I tried a frozen (non-vegan) meal service at the same time I tried 22 Days and I have to say that your meals are definitely tastier. I love that they are not frozen and that all the ingredients are whole foods and organic.  Good job.  Hope you continue to get great reviews and provide a reasonably priced service. *

Jennifer DeSanto


I'm a transitioning vegetarian (vegetarian to vegan), and I was simply thrilled to have found 22 Days Nutrition, which has helped me so much already. I'm actually enjoying my second week of 22-day vegan meal plan #2! I must say that the meals are delish and diverse—I haven't gotten a repeat yet (though I certainly wouldn't mind one)! With the book and, now, the protein bars—which I hope won't be all gone if I share them with my friends—I'll be able to continue my journey to become a vegan. *

Jack Bustos


The 22 day vegan challenge made me feel in control of my life again. Before, my cravings are what determined what went into my stomach and when. If I didn't obey them, they would wreak havoc on my mind until I did. With this challenge, my crazy cravings for unhealthy foods stopped, and I felt good and energized after every meal. *

Madhavi Bhavsar


I migrated to plant-based diet in 2008. I have my challenges, just like anyone else when it comes to eating healthy ALL of the time.  I was very excited when a friend gifted me with five lunch/dinner meals from 22 Days Nutrition! This was my first time having food from a mail delivery service.  Shipping food can be tricky, but I must say they do it well, the packaging is simple and everything came individually wrapped and ready to eat.  The meals gave me everything I needed nutritionally and took away any guilt, because even in a plant-based world there can be bad choices.  After reading the ingredients, I was not only impressed but also reassured that these meals were definitely a healthy choice.

I strive for a diet containing only whole foods, unprocessed and chemical-free. One thing I noticed immediately about the meals from 22 Days Nutrition was the fact that they use organic ingredients which are, for the most part, intact in their whole and natural state. This is very important to me and it thrills me to see a company creating meals from real, chemical-free food which is truly nourishing to our bodies.

I work out and have an active lifestyle and these protein and fiber-packed, substantial portion meals really deliver! More often than not, I could not finish my meal in one sitting. My two favorite meals were the Sweet Potato Brown Rice Bowl and the Old Fashioned Chickpea Minestrone, I loved them both! 

I will most definitely recommend them to anyone and everyone, vegan or not. I wholeheartedly believe in the quality and nutritional value of these meals and the mission of the company as a whole. Great work 22 Days Nutrition! *

Anita Iverson

Owner, Philadelphia Juice Bar

I lost 16 pounds in 22 days following the new vegan cookbook by Beyonce and Jay-Z's trainer *

Jere Downs