Introducing Doc Talk with Dr. Joel Kahn

Introducing Doc Talk with Dr. Joel Kahn

We are honored and thrilled to announce that Dr. Joel Kahn is now a contributing writer for the 22 Days Blog! Starting this fall, you’ll find posts from Dr. Kahn in his Doc Talk column.

Dr. Joel Kahn, known as America’s Heart Attack Prevention Doc, is a strong proponent of using a healthy, plant-based diet to prevent health problems including heart disease, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases.

As a longtime vegan, he knows firsthand the positive effects that a plant-based diet can have on a person’s health and longevity. He is a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post and Mind Body Green and we are honored to have him share his depth of knowledge with our readers as well.
Keep an eye out for the first Doc Talk post – coming soon!

About Dr. Kahn

After graduating Summa Cum Laude from the University of Michigan, Dr. Kahn now serves as a Clinical Professor of Cardiology at Wayne State University and Founder, the Kahn Center for Cardiac Longevity. He opened GreenSpace Cafe in Ferndale, MI along with his son Daniel, the largest plant-based bar and restaurant between the coasts. His first book, The Whole Heart Solution, is now a Public TV special. He can be found at


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