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A new era of

We believe real, lasting change starts with the choices you make. A single choice can transform your life, and beyond that it can change the world.

We developed 22 Days Nutrition because we wanted to ignite a new era of nutrition. Using simple, plant-based ingredients to create a great-tasting line of real food, from protein powders and bars to a meal planner with chef crafted recipes at your finger-tips. We're creating solutions that are not only better for you, but better for the planet.

100% Plant-based • USDA Organic • Gluten-free • Soy-free • and totally delicious

More than a meal.

The benefits of a single
plant-based meal a
day can have such a profound
impact on our health
and the environment.

— Beyoncé & Jay-Z

After learning about the benefits of a vegan diet through their personal trainer Marco Borges, Beyoncé and Jay-Z were inspired to adopt a more plant-based lifestyle. Soon they realized it was more than just a meal, but a movement they wanted to share with the world. So they partnered with 22 Days Nutrition to make healthy living possible for all.

Behind your plate

Food in its simplest, most natural state is best for the body, mind, spirit and also the environment.

As an Exercise Physiologist whose responsibility is to keep others performing at their best, I grew frustrated with the lack of plant-based nutrition options. I created 22 Days Nutrition out of a selfish desire to produce what I couldn't find in the marketplace and a plant-based lifestyle solutions platform was born.

The name (22 Days) was inspired by the idea that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. I use that principle to help others adopt a healthy habit, on the 22nd day, they've found the way!

My mission is to inspire and
empower people to live their Happiest Life!


Redefining and pushing the boundaries of what healthy living can be.