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Monthly Archives: March 2012

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Have you always wanted to enjoy the health benefits of fresh juice in your own home, but aren’t sure where to start? It’s actually quite easy to start juicing. All you need is some fresh fruit and vegetables and a … Continue reading

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Green household cleaners

Spring is finally here! After a long, cold and wet (or white) winter there is nothing more invigorating than casting off the shackles of poor habits accumulated over the last 6 months and embracing a healthier lifestyle. But that doesn’t … Continue reading

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Kettlebells are like dumbbells, but better! These round weights with handles allow you to use them in ways you couldn’t with a traditional hand weight. Kettlebell workouts include a lot of swinging the weight around which in turn engages your … Continue reading

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For too long we’ve thought that nuts were bad for us, due to their high fat content. No longer! Now that we’ve finally determined that some fats are very good for us, nuts should definitely be put back on the … Continue reading

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